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Is Coffee Good or Bad?

Drinking coffee is still one of the things that many people question if it is good or bad for you. There are some who stand by drinking coffee on a regular basis for its health benefits while there are those that advise against drinking it due to health concerns. So what is it then? Let’s find out.

First off, why it might be considered bad.

Too much of anything can be bad for you and the same can be said for drinking coffee. If you have to drink it, do it in moderation as the caffeine in it can be very addictive. A single cup of coffee contains around 100mg of caffeine and if you drink too much, it can only result in bad things for you as too much caffeine in the system can actually lead to death.

Another reason why you shouldn’t drink coffee too much is, too much coffee can actually cause conditions such as nervousness, anxiety, migraines or headaches and being nauseous. The same symptoms can also be attributed to drinking coffee that is of bad quality.

During nighttime, it is advised to avoid drinking coffee entirely as it can cause sleep problems such as insomnia and sleep deprivation. As we all know, sleeping is very important in your overall health and if you are lacking in sleep, you will not be able to function properly and worse, it can affect your overall health negatively.

Lastly, coffee can actually raise your cholesterol levels due to the different ingredients that are found in it. If you are trying to maintain your cholesterol level, you should definitely limit your coffee to at most, 2 cups a day. Also, you should only drink high quality coffee that have been filtered properly.

Now, the good bits about coffee.

Drinking coffee is a good way to start your day as it provides a boost to your mental and physical abilities and this will allow you to work very efficiently. Baing able to work efficiently will only result in good things for you, be it in work or if you are a student, at school. Even if you are a stay at home mom or dad, coffee will allow you to concentrate and focus on what you need to do and do it in an efficient manner.

However, the best parts about drinking coffee is all about the improvement in your health as well as lowering the probabilities of several health conditions from manifesting.

Coffee can actually reduce the chances of some cancers as well as some mental health disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s. It also reduces the chance of type II diabetes as it makes you less sensitive to insulin.

Another benefit of drinking coffee regularly is in helping you control or lose weight. Caffeine is well known to be diet friendly as it helps reduce your appetite so you don’t have to eat as much and it also improves your metabolism.

So, is it good or bad?

Well, the obvious conclusion to be had when you read all of the above is that it is both good and bad for you. It’s up to you to decide if the positives outweigh the negative or vice versa. One thing though, if you drink coffee regularly, you should do so in moderation because too much of something will always end up being bad for you.

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