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Tips to Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit. All the evidences are there that it is bad for you but you just can’t.

I know a lot of people that want to quit but they just can’t seem to. Some of them quit for a while but then the next time I see them, they have a cigarette in hand.

Here are some tips that I have personally tested and done on my way to stop smoking.

  • Tell people around you that you want to quit seek their support

Being shamed is very effective when it comes to quitting smoking. If you want to appear as a man of your word, you will want to stop smoking once you’ve made a public announcement that you do. It’s also not only about being shamed. People around you, especially those that don’t smoke will want to support you and this can have a big impact on your quest to stop.

  • Keep track of the days

The first few days will be the hardest but if you manage to hold on for at least 3 weeks, it’s going to get easier. The urges to smoke will still be there but it won’t be as strong as the first couple of weeks.

  • List the situations where you usually smoke and make a conscious effort to stop

Making a list of the situations where you usually smoke and having a counter plan will help tremendously. In my situation, I usually smoked whenever I’m playing video games, taking a dump, after eating and during breaks.

As for video games, I just made a rule that smoking will not be allowed inside the house – any part of the house. This also helped during bathroom breaks. I stuck to this rule and it helped lessen my smoking.

After every meal and during breaks at work was kind of hard because after a meal, the urge is really strong and when I’m at work, going out of the building during breaks usually means I’m with colleagues that smoke as well. What I did is, after every meal, I just chewed some gum until the urge to smoke is tolerable. During breaks, I just told my peers that I didn’t want to step out for at least a month just so I can control my smoking.

  • Drink water

Drinking lots of water can be very good for you when you try to stop smoking. Having a bottle of water with you everytime can help you get over the urge to smoke. The trick here is to distract yourself by drinking when you want to smoke. After drinking a bottle of water, the craving for smokes will usually have dissipated.

  • Exercise

Exercising will have a great effect on your health, obviously, but it can also help you stop smoking. When you are working out, the brain releases chemicals that will make you feel good about yourself. This can stop you from getting the urge to smoke. Also, once you have started working out or just doing some simple exercises, you will start to be health conscious and will try to stop doing harm to your body. This includes stopping dangerous habits such as drinking and smoking.

  • Identify what you like about smoking and try an alternative

For me, personally, I liked the sensation of having a cigarette in my hand and puffing as it relaxes me. What I did was take a ballpen (clean, of course), and I would always have it in my hand and occasionally chew on it. This is a very simple idea but it helped me in my quest to quit smoking.

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